Measuring microscope FM-PMM-A201

Description :

Measuring microscope FM-PMM-A201 comes with small, lightweight, portable design, and user-friendly operations. The natural light is used as source of illumination. Different measurements are possible by using different reticules and eyepiece in this microscope.


    • WF 10X/ 18 mm Eyepiece
    • 5X Achromatic Objectives
    • Natural light as illumination source
    • Knurled ring for focusing
    • Aluminum coated body
    • Stable performance


Total magnification 50X
Objective Achromatic objective 5X
Condenser N.A. 0.12
Illumination source No pen battery
Eyepiece/ cross with reticle WF 10X/ 18 mm (with diopter adjustment)
Magnification tube length 160 mm
Eyepiece reticle 0.1 mm
Fine division 0.02 mm
Working distance 17.6 mm
Focus range 30 mm
Diameter of bearing plane 63 mm
Height of microscope 210 mm
Weight 650 g


Used in on field microscopic measurement or viewing across machinery production industry, paper and printing, textile industry for quality and research purpose.


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