Vortex Mixer FM-VM-B100

Description :

Vortex Mixer FM-VM-B100 is a compact, table-top, high-capacity multitube vortex mixer that provides hands-free mixing up to 50 tubes at a time. Features gentle to vigorous mixing in every tube at the adjustable speed of 500 to 2500 rpm. Equipped with easy to read LCD and timer with microprocessor control can precisely control the mixing time and speed. This device is compatible with different test tubes and offers pulse, short mixing, and continuous mixing ensures simple and convenient operation. It offers different foam tube holders, foam tray mats as optional accessories for various needs.


    • Compact, table-top, high capacity vortex mixer with top fixing panel
    • Hands-free mixing up to 50 tubes at a time
    • Gentle to vigorous mixing in every tube at adjustable speed of 500 to 2,500 rpm
    • Easy to read LCD display for speed and time
    • Microprocessor control for precise control of mixing time and speed
    • Compatibility with different test tubes
    • Operation modes: Pulse, short mixing and continuous mixing
    • Simple and convenient operation


Type Compact; multi-tube
Capacity 50 tubes/samples
Speed range 500 to 2500 rpm
Speed accuracy ±1 rpm
Amplitude 3.6 mm
Timer 0 to 99 hr 59 min
Intermittent Interval Timer 1 to 99 sec
Intermittent Running Timer 1 to 999 sec
Display LCD
Control Microprocessor
Operation modes Pulse, short mixing and continuous mixing
Maximum load 4.5 kg
Voltage AC 100 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 75 W
Fuse 250 V, 1 A, Ф5×20
Top fixing panel size (W×D) 310×180 mm
Dimensions (W×D×H) 426×246×474 mm
Weight 14.7 kg


Multitube vortex mixers are ideally used for general micro test tube mixing, mixing tissue samples, vortexing cells suspensions, mixing chemical reagents, and for high throughput testing across clinical, environmental, biological, chemistry, and other labs.

Accessories Optional:

Accessories no. Accessories name Specification Holes Capacity Dimension
1 Foam Tray mat Upper NA 305×178.5×25 mm
2 Foam Tray mat Lower NA 305×178.5×50 mm
3 Foam Tube holder Ф10 (Φ12) mm 50 245×132×45 mm
4 Foam Tube holder Φ13 mm 50 245×132×45 mm
5 Foam Tube holder Ф16 mm (10/15 ml tubes) 50 245×132×45 mm
6 Foam Tube holder Ф25 mm 15 245×132×45 mm
7 Foam Tube holder Ф29 mm (50 ml tubes) 15 245×132×45 mm
8 Foam Tube holder Ф36 mm 10 245×152×45 mm


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