Low Speed Centrifuge FM-LSC-A400

Low Speed Centrifuge FM-LSC-A400

Low Speed Centrifuge FM-LSC-A400 is a low-speed vertical floor type centrifuge designed for operation with centrifuge tubes up to 600 ml. Features interchangeable hot press rotors for housing tubes, maximum speed of 4200 rpm and centrifugal force of 3387 ×g. This device is widely used in biomedical profile laboratories.

  •  Compact and robust benchtop design with microprocessor controlled unit
  •  Spin time: 4200 rpm with 3387 ×g RCF
  •  Supplied with swing rotor including 4 of aluminum sleeves for 600 ml tubes
  •  Driven by AC frequency conversion motor
  •  Compasses 9 different rate selection modes and 10 different operation modes for programming
  •  Large assortment of rotors, buckets and adaptors for micro tubes and all sizes of tubes
  •  Two optional work setting type: run start and interval run time settings can be switched
  •  Double lock rod design of door with magnetic and electric locks
  •  Parameters altering function without downtime
  •  Furnished with unique air flow design and anti-vibration structure to minimize heat and noise generation
  •  Automatic lid release and vivid end alarm for easy retrieval of sample

Maximum speed 4200 rpm
Maximum Rcf 3387 ×g
Rotor capacity 600 ml ×4
Temperature increment ≤ 10℃ (running 20 minutes)
Speed accuracy ± 10 rpm
Noise level ≤ 60 dB
Centrifugation time 1s to 99 min continuous /timed centrifugation
Power supply AC 220 V/50 Hz, 12 A
Weight 86 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 600 × 730 × 890 mm

Ideal for general laboratory applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials. Also, used for clinical applications of PRF, PRP and lipid cell and stem cell isolation. Applied for gentle, soft spin-down or washing of primary cells & cell line.

Rotor name Rotor capacity Max speed RCF
swing-out rotor 1 4 × 600 ml(Round hanging cup) 4200 rpm 3387 ×g
swing-out rotor 2 148 × Vacuum blood tube(13×80 mm short) 4200 rpm 3387 ×g
swing-out rotor 3 148×Vacuum blood tube(13×105 mm long) 4200 rpm 3387 ×g

Swing-out rotor 1
Adapter no Volume No of tubes
Adapter no 1 50 ml 16
Adapter no 2 15 ml 76
Adapter no 3 4 ml 96 ×Vacuum blood tube
Adapter no 4 100 ml 8(Bottom tip with cover)
Adapter no 5 15 ml 40 (Bottom tip with cover)
Adapter no 6 20 ml 28
Adapter no 7 5 ml 148
Adapter no 8 96 holes Cap remover