Thermal Conductivity Tester FM-TCT-A200

Thermal Conductivity Tester FM-TCT-A200

Thermal Conductivity Tester FM-TCT-A200 measures liquid thermal conductivity through TPS (Transient Plane Source technology) with RT to 130°C temperature range. The double-helix structure design probes equipped in this conductivity tester collects data on the probe using the core algorithm analysis. Microprocessors (ARM) controlled technology is used to improve the processing capacity, speed, and obtain more accurate results.

  •  Digital colored touch screen LCD
  •  No harm to the sample from thermal contact resistance
  •  Automated PC data processing system for effective communication and reporting
  •  No limitations on size of test sample
  •  No need of extra sample preparation
  •  User friendly operations
  •  Intelligent user interface
  •  ISO standard: ISO22007-2 2008
  •  Reusable non-destructive test samples

Sample temperature range Room temperature to 130°C
Test measurement range 0.005 to 300 W/ (mK)
Probe diameter size 15 mm, 7.5 mm
Test objects Solid, liquid, powder, paste, colloid, granule
Test Sample size No particular size for the sample
Test Sample Measurement Accuracy ± 3%
Repeatability ≤ 3%
Measurement time 5 to 160 seconds
Physical properties measurement Direct access to the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity
Total power 500 W
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 25 kg

Used to test heat conduction properties of bulk, pasty, and granular solids, paste, gels, liquids, powders, coatings, thin film, and thermal insulation materials across quality control, production sectors.

Type Details
Single Material Metal, ceramics, alloys, minerals, polymers, composite materials, paper, fabric, foam (smooth surface insulation material, plate), mineral wool, cement wall
Composite Material Glass-reinforced composite plate CRC, cement polystyrene board, sandwich concrete, glass and steel panels composite plates, paper honeycomb panels, gel, liquid, powder, granular and pasty solid