Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-B100

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-B100

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator FM-AKT-B100 is designed for a wide range of water content application ranging from 3 ppm to 100% of moisture by Volumetric method. Solid or Sticky samples are placed directly into titration vessel and automatic titration is carried out with standard pyridine reagent. This powerful titrator automatically dispenses titrant, detects endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphs. The endpoint is measured in µA and displayed on current meter.

  •  Built in unit with standards ISO 10337, ASTM D 1744, ISO 760, ASTM E203
  •  Measuring range: 3 ppm to 100 % and burette resolution: 0.01 ml
  •  High bright LED, clear display and touch panel buttons
  •  Speed drop function for automatic control of electrode polarization voltage speed
  •  Whole measurement process utilizes less than ten seconds of time
  •  Current meter displays endpoint current readings in µA
  •  Glass and PTFE titration cell and fittings are designed to withstand the harsh solvents and reagents
  •  Special polarization voltage detector electrode to determine end reaction of titration
  •  Titration vessel is completely sealed to minimize exposure of ambient humidity, keeps the system dry, and reduce titrant consumption
  •  Instrument features function keys for solvent inhalation, determination, test end display (alarm), waste water discharge
  •  Automatic compensation of error by adopting electrolyte blank current and equilibrium point drift compensation
  •  A fully enclosed piping system to avoid escape of toxic gases, protects environment and health
  •  Smooth running operation without background noise

Titration method Volumetric Karl-Fischer reagent titration process
Measuring range 0.1 mg H 2 O to 500 mg H 2 O (3 ppm - 100%)
Moisture resolution 3 ppm
Number of burettes 1 burette
Burette capacity >25 ml
Burette resolution 0.01 ml
Burette Repeatability ≤ 0.01
Linear correlation coefficient ≥ 0.998
End point detection AC polarization potential difference detection
Minimum volume of addition 0.005 ml
Capacity error ≤ ± 0.002
Relative error ≤ 0.02%
Sensitivity 10 -6 A
Display LED, clear display
Display unit mL, mg H 2 O, %, or ppm
Calculation function Concentration calculation, Factor standardization, Statistics calculation, recalculation
Printout Contents Measurement date, Sample number, Titration volume(mL), Measurement value(mg H 2 O), Sample quantity, Moisture content, Mean value, Standard deviation, CV, Moisture quantity-time curve, Other preset titration parameters.
Power supply AC 240 V, 60 Hz
Dimension 360 × 370 × 380 × mm
Weight 6 kg

It is ideal for the determination of water in wide range of samples ranging from Raw Materials through Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food Stuffs, Plastics, etc. upto Gaseous Samples.

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