Biological Microscope FM-BM-A102

Biological Microscope FM-BM-A102

Biological Microscope FM-BM-A102 comes with trinocular 30° inclined viewing head, 40 to 1600X zoom magnification range, with camera attachment for microscopic observation. With ergonomic design, high quality 195 achromatic objectives are used to reduce strain on eyes during observation.

  •  Finite optical system
  •  High zoom magnification range
  •  Trinocular (30° inclined) viewing head
  •  Built-in handle for easy access
  •  CCD camera attachment for digital photography

Optical System Finite Optical System
Viewing Head Trinocular viewing head, 30° inclined, 360° rotation, interpupillary distance 48 to 75 mm
Magnification 40X to 1600X
Objectives 195 Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (Spring), 100x (Spring, oil)
Eyepiece Wide field WF10X/18mm and Wide field WF16X/15mm
Nosepiece Inward, Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Focusing system Coaxial coarse & fine focusing knob, coarse focusing range 20 mm, fine focusing graduation 0.002 mm
Stage Double layer mechanical stage size: 115 × 125 mm, range: 76 × 52 mm
Condenser Abbe condenser N.A.1.25, with iris diaphragm, and height adjustment knob
Illumination 3W LED lamp, brightness adjustable
Power External power supply (adapter), AC 100V-240V, DC 5V/2A
Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 14 kg

Used for microscopic examination across medical, tissue culture industries, gemology, metallurgy, as well as inspection of electrical board, and others.

Accessories no. Name
1 Upper light source 
2 Digital Eyepiece 2 MP
3 Digital Eyepiece 3 MP
4 Phone Adapter
5 Digital Camera 3 MP for Trinocular
6 Digital Camera 5 MP for Trinocular