Metallurgical Microscope FM-MM-A401

Metallurgical Microscope FM-MM-A401

Metallurgical Microscope FM-MM-A401 comes with large base plate and long pole for convenient examination of large, thick, and opaque samples. In this upright microscope bright field, dark field, polarization effect can be achieved using respective objectives & attachments.

  •  Upright microscope with more flexible focusing
  •  Tests metal samples, opaque materials with an ease
  •  Infinite plan apochromatic objectives (BF/DF)
  •  Examination of large samples

Optical system Infinite optical system
Viewing head Siedentopf type trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30° interpupillary 48 to 75 mm adjustable distance
Infinite Plan Apochromatic Objectives
5X/0.12/∞/- (BF/DF) LWD 12 mm
10X/0.25/∞/- (BF/DF) LWD 10 mm
20X/0.4/∞/0 (BF/DF) LWD 4.3 mm
50X/0.75/∞/0 (BF/DF) LWD 0.32 mm
100X/0.8/∞/0 (BF/DF) LWD 2 mm
Eyepiece Extra wide field eyepiece EX10X/ 22 mm
Stage Size of the soleplate 396 × 276 × 22 mm, height of the post 300 mm, diameter of the post 30 mm
Illumination 24 V/ 100W Halogen light, adjustable brightness
Nosepiece Backward quintuple nosepiece
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, fine division 1µm, moving range 32 mm
Filter Blue, Green, Yellow and Ground glass
Dimension (L×W×H) 489 × 437 × 325 mm
Net Weight About 3 kg

Used in electronic, IT, computer industry to observe and analyze thick and opaque large size samples like PCB, LCD panel etc.

Accessories No. Name
1 Video Attachment C Mount 1X
2 Photo attachment: 1X photo adapter
3 Photo attachment: 1X photo adapter to connect to Nikon SLR Camera
4 Polarizer and analyzer