Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A200

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A200

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A200 is an extremely robust, student forward facing binocular stereo microscope. Standard 2 X and 4 X objective gives sharp stereo image over wide field view, simple twisting of ocular tube helps to alter magnification. Its 45° inclined binocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eye-guards provides further comfort. Designed for high quality three dimensional viewing and crystal clear image of variety of specimens.

  •  Forward widefield binocular head
  •  45° ocular angle body and locked-in eyepieces
  •  Generous 72 mm working distance
  •  Durable all metal framework pillar stand
  •  Rechargeable batteries for cordless operation
  •  Locked on stage clips for specimen holding

Main body Sharp stereo erect image over wide field view
Optical system Greenough system
Viewing head 45° inclined binocular head and unrotable body with locked-in eyepiece
Widefield eyepiece WF 10X / 20 mm
Objective Standard 2 X and 4 X objective
Working distance 72 mm
Working board material White and black board
Base size 115 × 170 mm
Stand style Pillar style stand
Plate Frosted glass
Focusing Coarse focusing knob
Illumination Nil
Dimension (W × L × H) 115 × 170 × 230
Net weight 3.8 kg
Gross weight 5.75 kg

It is suitable for exploration of surface details and fine structures of various materials like wood, metal, solder, semiconductor and stone. Ideal for examination of insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel, soldered points, microelectronic components or virtually any three dimensional objects

Accessories no. Name
1.        Eyepiece WF 5 X/ 22 mm
2.        Eyepiece WF 15 X / 15 mm
3.        Eyepiece WF 20 X / 10 mm
4.        Objective 2X and 4X with 72 mm working distance
5.        Objective 1X and 2X with 72 mm working distance
6.        Objective 1X and 3X with 72 mm working distance
7.        Auxiliary plan objective of 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X and 2X