Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A303

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A303

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A303 is forward facing pillar stand binocular stereo microscope offers 10X magnification power. Equipped with versatile LED illumination system that provides both incident (top) lighting and transmitted (bottom) illumination. Selection between incident illumination shining down onto object or transmitted illumination through frosted stage plate is available. Microscope head gyration of 360°offers high resolution and good depth within broad field of view.

  •  Widefield binocular head with 45° inclined body
  •  Forward viewing with 360° rotational body
  •  Optical system with 2X and 4X standard lens
  •  Durable all metal framework pillar stand
  •  Working distance of 76 mm
  •  Transmitted and incident LED illumination with intensity control and on/off switch for each light
  •  Adjustable Interpupillary Distance (55 mm - 75 mm)
  •  Left ocular-tube with diopter adjustment ± 5 dp
  •  Locked on stage clips for specimen holding

Main body Sharp stereo erect image over wide field view
Optical system Greenough system
Viewing head Binocular 45° inclined head and 360° rotational body Left ocular tube dioptre adjustment of +/- 5dp Interpupillary distance 55 to 75 mm
Widefield eyepiece WF 10 X / 20 mm
Objective Standard 2 X and 4 X objective
Working distance 76 mm
Working board material Glass board
Base size 115 × 170 mm
Stand style Pillar stand
Focusing Coarse focusing knob
Illumination LED Incident and Transmitted light , 12 V / 10 W
Power supply 110 V, 220 V / 10 W
Dimension (W× L × H) 115 × 170 × 230 mm
Net weight 2.5 kg
Gross weight 2.85 kg

It has applications in geology, forestry, archaeology, agriculture and biology. It is appropriate for educational purposes in hospitals and schools.

Accessories no. Name
1.        Eyepiece WF 5 X
2.        Eyepiece WF 15 X
3.        Eyepiece  WF 20 X
4.        Objective 1 X , 3 X , 4 X , 6 X
5.        Auxiliary plan objective of 1 X and 2 X
6.        Auxiliary plan objective of 1 X and 3 X