Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A500

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A500

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A500 is a zoom stereo microscope designed for low magnification and three dimensional observation of specimens with 20° inclined binocular viewing head. With parallel zoom optical system, it offers 0.8X to 8X wide zoom objectives (1:10 zoom ratio). Designed with robust metal large stand, coaxial coarse & find focusing mechanism. The illumination system for both the LEDs (Top and Bottom) can be adjusted for user’s convenience. Fluorescent Device (attachment) includes one beam splitter port, Fluorescent excitation filter cubes, 100 W Ultra hi-voltage spherical mercury lamp, and power supplier NFP-1, digital display.

  •  Parallel optical zoom system
  •  Binocular 20° inclined Viewing head
  •  0.8X to 8X zoom objectives with 1:10 zoom ratio
  •  78 mm long working distance
  •  Advanced Fluorescent attachment
  •  Focusing mechanism with focusing range 105 mm
  •  Dual LED light source for Illumination

Optical System Parallel optical zoom system
Viewing Head Binocular Head, 20° Inclination, Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm
Eyepiece EW10×/22
Zoom Objective 0.8X to 8X
Main Objective 1X Plan Achromatic Objective WD: 78 mm
Zoom Ratio 1:10
Working Distance 78 mm    
Focusing Focusing Range 105 mm
Illumination Transmission or Reflection LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable
Stand Robust metal large stand, Coaxial coarse & find focusing unit
Fluorescent Attachment Fluorescent Device including one beam splitter port, GFP-B cube (EX460-500, DM505, BA510-560), GFP-L cube (EX460-500, DM505, BA510), 100W Ultra hi-voltage spherical mercury lamp, power supplier NFP-1, digital display
Dimension (W×D×H) 504 ×330 × 506 mm
Weight about 13 kg

Used for zoom observation of specimen, samples across medical, life science, Mineralogy, and other industrial fields.

0.5X Plan Apochromatic objective WD: 126 mm