Drying oven FM-DO-A104

Drying oven FM-DO-A104

Drying oven FM-DO-A104 is a floor standing type oven with 430 L chamber capacity. Superior temperature uniformity controlled by PID microprocessor. It provides fast ramping rate and stability during operation. It comes with ambient temperature + 10°C to 200°C temperature range and platinum gold resistor PT100 temperature sensor. Equipped with stainless steel chamber, outer shell of steel with plastic coating and three layer toughened glass observation window. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes for desiccation, torrefaction, wax-melting and sterilization.

  •  Floor standing type
  •  Microprocessor PID control system
  •  Vertical force convection and bottom heating
  •  Exhaust fan for temperature uniformity in chamber
  •  Corrosion resistance stainless steel chamber
  •  Platinum gold resistor PT100 temperature sensor
  •  Steel outer shell with static plastic spraying
  •  Three layer toughened glass observation window
  •  Adjustable stainless steel shelves
  •  Self-diagnostic dynamic control technology
  •  Temperature controller with sensor malfunction and low/ high temperature deviation alarm

Chamber volume 430 L
Method The aplomb forces convection
Temperature range Ambient temperature + 10 to 200°C
Temperature accuracy ±1 at 100°C
Temperature fluctuation ± 1°C
Temperature uniformity ± 2.5°C
Temperature controller (The PID microprocessor controls, touch type, numeral manifestation)
Temperature sensor PT100 (Platinum gold resistor PT100)
Timer Wait on time, wait off time (Maximum: 99 h, Minimum: 1 min)
Environmental condition Temperature 5 to 30°C 
Maximum relative humidity Maximum relative humidity 80%
Altitude up to 2000 m
Internal material 304 stainless steels
External material 08F (Iron 08F)
Number of shelves (Standard/Maximum) 3/4
Shelf dimension 590 mm × 514 mm
Power 2600 W
Power supply AC 380 V, 50 Hz
Internal dimension 600 × 550 × 1300 mm
External dimension 780 × 710 × 1750 mm
Weight 153 kg

Used for glassware desiccation, laboratorial sample, food, chemical materials heat denaturalization, heat induration, moisture elimination, biomedical and other instruments sterilization; electronic components torrefaction and aging.

Accessories no. Accessories name Unit
1 Motor 1
2 Sealing ring 1
3 Temperature controller 1
4 Plastic handle 1
5 Stainless steel handle 1