Portable Salinity Refractometer FM-SNR-A101

Portable Salinity Refractometer FM-SNR-A101

Portable Salinity Refractometer FM-SNR-A101 is a handheld portable optical salt meter designed to test the salinity of water or brine solution. The Salinity Refractometer displays a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts Per Thousand) of salt in water. This portable refractometer can be used to check and maintain stock solutions and dilutions. Through corrective coefficient of optical system, via prism, scale range and specific gravity, it determines the amount of dissoluble salt quickly and accurately. Equipped with automatic compensation temperature making it ideal for field use.

  •  Hand-held analog meter
  •  Concentration range of salt in water: 0 to 28 parts per thousand (PPT)
  •  Specific gravity of salt in water: 1.000 to 1.070 SG
  •  Minimum detection scale value of 0.20 % salt content
  •  Resolution of specific gravity: 1.000 to 1.070%
  •  Light-weight, portable, includes protective carrying case
  •  Measures concentration of salt and dissolved solids in aqueous solution
  •   Provides reading in parts per thousand (PPT) and specific gravity (SG)
  •  Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) with reference temperature of 20°C
  •  Ideal for on-site measurements in processing and storage areas, or in field

Type Handheld and analogue type
Minimum salt concentration 0 Parts per thousand (PPT)
Maximum salt concentration 28 parts per thousand (PPT)
Minimum scale value/accuracy (salinity) 0.20 % salt content
Specific gravity of salt 1.000 to 1.070 SG
Resolution of specific gravity 1.000 to 1.070%
Maximum temperature compensation 0°C
Minimum temperature compensation 20°C
Material body metal, glass and rubber
Dimension 30 × 40 × 210
Weight 0.27 kg

Determines salinity during preparation of pickles, seafood products, frozen vegetables and fruits.

Accessories no Accessories name
1.        Carrying box
2.        Screwdriver
3.        Straw
4.        Wipes
5.        User manual