TOC Analyzer FM-TOC-A100

TOC Analyzer FM-TOC-A100

TOC Analyzer FM-TOC-A100 is used to determine TOC (Total Organic Carbon Content) present in liquid or gas samples through “Wet Chemical Oxidation Method”. Nitrogen (N2) gas, Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector are used for determination of carbon in the range of 0 to 10000 mg/l. This TOC analyzer offers 24 bits data solution extended monitoring range, controlling system with 32bin processing technology significantly improves performance.

  •  Measures TOC, TIC, TC, NPOC parameters using NDIR detector
  •  Digestion mode: Wet Chemical Oxidation Method
  •  Signal management system: Online setting, real-time monitoring, self-testing and flow speed control for high performance and safe operation
  •  Different temperature setting: To ensure complete sample digestion, obtain more accurate data
  •  Weak current system ensures operational user safety
  •  Adjustable cooling module power as per sampling volume: To ensure the dry gas in detector advance drying performance
  •  Automatic leak check system: To evade any operational mistakes, improves performance of the analyzer
  •  Flow rate controlling system: To eliminate any error caused by flow rate fluctuation for data accuracy

Measurement Range 0-10000 mg/l
Detection Limit 5 μg/l (ppb)
Digestion Mode Wet chemical Oxidation by UV
Detector NDIR
Parameters TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
Sample type Liquid Sample
Gas Requirement Nitrogen ≥ 99.995%
Repeatability  3 %
Maximum Salinity  85 g/l
Operation Mode PC Control
Power AC 220 ± 10 V,50/60 Hz, 1 kW
Dimension  430 × 455 × 440 mm
Weight 45 kg

TOC analyzer finds applications in QC (quality control) testing of drinking water, waste and sewage water, industrial water. Also used in validation of water required in pharmaceuticals procedures.

  • → Auto-sampler processor monitors the components motion state continuously during the injection
  • → Injector interface: Auto-sampler power switch, power interface, USB communication interface and control panel cover
  • → Replaceable sample injecting needle
  • → 19 different samples can be tested using PC software
Injecting arm stroke 85 mm
Maximum number of samples 19
Ambient temperature 0 to 40°C
Relative humidity ≤ 85%
Power 120 W
Power supply 100 to 240 V , 50/60 Hz
Dimension 280 × 385 × 390 mm