Vertical Shaking Incubator FM-SI-A302

Vertical Shaking Incubator FM-SI-A302

Vertical Shaking Incubator FM-SI-A302 with reciprocal shaking mode is a microprocessor PID controlled system along LCD backlight display. It comes with high precision shaking speed range of 30 to 300 rpm and temperature function. Designed as double door unit with double layer and transparent window for clear observation. Inside chamber is made up of stainless steel & powder coated outer steel body. The large LCD screen displays multiple data at same time and CFC free, R134a refrigerant provides efficient cooling system. Its smooth running start/stop system helps in preventing liquid spillage. It is useful for quality, research and testing purpose across laboratories, institutes.

  •  Microprocessor PID control with acoustic and visual alarm
  •  LCD backlight display with working parameters
  •  Offers orbital shaking mode and convection circulation mode
  •  Durable single shaft drive technology
  •  Constant temperature and refrigeration are optional
  •  Automatic power cut, audio and visual alarm for over temperature
  •  Data recovery after automatic power off
  •  CFC free, R134a refrigerant system
  •  Built-in lighting system for convenient observation
  •  120 W AC inductive brushless motor
  •  Stainless steel chamber and powder coated steel body
  •  Smooth shaking mode provide stable and reliable operation
  •  Transparent glass window and built-in light for observation
  •  Automatic stop function when door is open

Chamber Capacity 363 L
Controller PID (Environmental Scanning Microprocessor)
Shaking mode Orbital
Rotating speed 30 to 300 rpm
Rotating accuracy ± 1 rpm
Vibration range 25 mm
Temperature range 4°C to 60°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.1°C
Temperature uniformity ± 1°C
Working environment temperature 25 °C
Working environment humidity 20% to 90%
Drive mode Single shaft balance device
Circulation mode High speed convection
Display LCD (simultaneous display of working and set parameters)
Refrigerant CFC free, R134a refrigerant
Cooling consumption 200 W
Heating consumption 500 W
Timing range 0 to 999.59 h continuous
Shaking plate size 734 × 464 mm
Shaking plate quantity 2 pcs
Chamber material Polished stainless steel
External material Steel
Safety function Audio and visual alarm for over temperature, alarm for over speed
Power 1200 W
Power supply AC 220 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Internal dimension (W × D × H) 850 × 520 × 760 mm
External dimension (W × D × H) 950 × 740 × 1400 mm
Net weight 235 kg

Used for microbial cell cultures, entomology, solubility tests, metabolic studies, stability studies, haematological studies, food processing, quality control analysis, mixing of reagents, pilot scale and pharmacy experiments.

Accessories no. Accessories name Unit
1 Fluorescent lamp 1
2 UV lamp 1
3 Shaking tray 2
4 Flask clamp 500 ml × 28 and 1000 ml × 22

Accessories no. Accessories name Unit
1 Humidity testing / control system 1
2 Gas inlet 1
3 Illumination system 15000 Lux 1

Specification Standard Quantity Maximum capacity
Flask clamp (PCS) 50 ml - 104
100 ml - 104
250 ml 28 56
500 ml 22 44
1000 ml - 30
Universal spring tray Tube rack Available for both stainless steel and ABS plastic
Standard size 734 × 464 × 80 mm
Flask clamp, spring tray, tube rack, Microplate holder and PCR tube clamp are available
Note: Other sizes listed above can be offered as standard configuration to replace the size with standard quantity alternatively.