Rotary (Manual) Microtome FM-MRT-A101

Description :

Rotary (Manual) Microtome FM-MRT-A101 is a rotary benchtop unit ergonomically designed with a coarse-advance hand wheel and convenient stacking of consumables. Designed with red bar cover on blade holder for protecting the cutting edge. Multifunctional unit includes specimen retraction and trimming function along with replaceable specimen holding system. The specimen clamp can hold a block for maximum slice sectioning up to 60 × 50 mm and its angle towards the cutting knife can be altered on X-axis and Y-axis at 8°.


  • Lockable hand wheel at any position
  • Specimen orientation system provide accurate X- and Y- axis adjustment
  • Uses cross-roller guide rail and screw motion mechanism
  • Cassette holder locks along each of three axis
  • Micro-drive feed system enables even and high precision sectioning
  • Multiple function includes specimen retraction, trimming function with replaceable specimen holder
  • Protection guard to cover the cutting edge
  • Clearance angle for sectioning cutting facet
  • Fast switching between different specimen clamps
  • Specimen holder for vertical and horizontal holding
  • Well-designed tray on the top of housing
  • Magnetically fixed large waste tray is easy to install and uninstall
  • Coarse driving wheel adjust distance between blade and specimen


Section thickness range 0 to 60 µm
Section setting values From 0 to 10 µm,1 µm increments
From 10 to 20 µm, 2 µm increments
From 20 to 60 µm, 5 µm increments
Trimming section range -
Minimum sectioning thickness 1 µm
Precision error ± 1%
Maximum specimen dimension 60 mm × 50 mm
Horizontal specimen stroke 29 mm
Vertical specimen stroke 60 mm
Specimen orientation XY: 8°
Specimen retraction 0 to 28 µm
Overall dimension (W × D × H) 570 × 440 × 290 mm
Net weight 28 kg


Used for high-precision sectioning in hospitals, medical colleges, research laboratories, inspection and quarantine institutions for animal and plant, and judicial identification institutions.

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