Density Meter FM-MDM-A101

Density Meter FM-MDM-A101

Density Meter FM-MDM-A101 is a benchtop unit with measuring range of 0 to 100 g/cm3. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 210 g and a minimum weighing capacity of 0.004 g. It is equipped with load cell sensor to get precise measurements. The results can be displayed in different units. It can measure the density of solid, liquid, powder, absorbent and many more materials. Weighing tray is surrounded by aluminium case along with aluminium density frame to avoid errors due to external factors. It is widely used in research institutes and inspection units.

  •  LCD display with white back light and black font
    Weighing resolution of 0.01 g to measure purity of samples with lesser weight
    Load cell sensor to get accurate measurements
  •  Aluminium density frame eliminates the interference during measurements
    Can test solid, liquid, powder, absorbent and many more materials
    Weighing tray is surrounded by an aluminum case and an aluminum density kit to eliminate errors due to external factors

Measurement range 0 to 100 g/cm3
Maximum weight 210 g
Minimum weight 0.004 g
Resolution 0.001 g
Sensor Load cell
Pan size 160 × 70 mm
Operation Temperature 5 to 25°C
Repeatability ± 0.002 g
Packing Dimension 440 × 310 × 300 mm ×2 (Scale box and accessories box)
Test mode Solid, Liquid, Powder, Absorbent etc.
Unit mode Weighing : g/ct/oz Density : D/%/K
Case material Aluminum case with aluminum density kit
Gross weight 6.0 kg
Display LCD
Calibration weight 200 g
Tank Dimension 139 × 100 × 78 mm
User interface RS232C

It is used to measure the purity of a sample, the concentration of binary mixtures and even the consistency of sample. It finds application in breweries, distilleries, petroleum testing, pharmaceutical industry, inspection units etc.

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