Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A101

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A101

Stereo Microscope FM-SM-A101 is a zoom stereo microscope with 60° inclined trinocular viewing head. With Greenough zoom optical system, it offers 10x to 45x wide zoom magnification range (4:5:1 zoom ratio). Designed with fixed arm type stand with user-friendly focusing mechanism.

  •  Greenough zoom optical system
  •  Trinocular 60° inclined Viewing head
  •  10x–45x zoom objectives with 4:5:1 zoom ratio
  •  97 mm long working distance
  •  Fixed arm type with focusing mechanism
  •  Dual LED light source for Illumination

Optical system Greenough zoom optical system
Viewing Head 60° inclined and 360° rotable trinocular viewing head, interpupillary distance 54-76 mm
Eyepieces EW 10X/20 mm with diopter adjustment
Objectives Zoom Objective 1x - 4.5x, Standard 1x objective
Zoom Magnification 10 x to 45 x
Zoom ratio 4.5:1
Working distance 97 mm
Stand Fixed arm type with focusing mechanism
Focusing Rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand
Stage base Clear glass plate diameter 95 mm
Illumination 2 high efficiency LED light source for Incident and transmitted light illumination simultaneously, Angle of incident illumination is adjustable
Diemsnion (W×D×H) 185 × 262 × 315 mm
Weight 4.6 kg
Power supply AC 110/ 240 V

Used for zoom observation of specimen, samples across medical, life science, minerology, gemology and other industrial fields.

Accessories No. Name
1 Eyepiece EW10X/ 20 mm
2 10 X Eyepiece with cross hair
3 Binocular 60° viewing head, zoom objectives 0.7-3X, Zoom Ratio 1:4:3
4 Auxiliary plan objective 2X, 30 mm
5 Auxiliary plan objective 0.75X, 120 mm
6 Auxiliary plan objective 0.63X, 137 mm
7 Auxiliary plan objective 0.5X, 180 mm
8 1X C mount
9 0.5X C mount
10 7X photo Adapter
11 Polarization set
12 Dark field set
13 Moveable stage 
14 Temperature controlled stage
15 Cold light illumination